Profile: The electric bunker rake from Smithco

By Alistair August 20, 2022 08:59

The Sand Star E incorporates a 165-amp lithium battery pack, with an on-board battery management system, supported by a five-year manufacturer’s warranty.

This is the same tried and tested battery used in many popular golf cars and provides up to eight to nine hours of run time, that’s 187 bunkers, while being the quietest and most eco-friendly groomer in the market. Transport speed is up to 16km/h, with a raking and ploughing speed of up to 8km/h.

The Sand Star E features an industrial-grade motor and controller delivering superior and reliable power for even the toughest jobs, while the onboard diagnostics exceed all industry standards, providing quick and easy identification of solutions to any issues in the various subsystems, saving time and money. Regenerative braking puts power back into the battery pack and safety is enhanced as the machine automatically brakes when the operator leaves the seat of the machine.

The intelligent controller, which ensures that the warranty begins only when the machine starts its first work cycle and features a battery management system that provides even distribution to each cell while charging. An optional remote diagnosis system is available to allow dealers to interrogate controller, if an issue arises.

The exclusive dual traction pedal on the Sand Star E gives the operator the ability to smoothly transition from forward to reverse making for hands-free operation, allowing the operator the ability to focus on steering and raking. Powerful LED lighting facilitates early morning starts.

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By Alistair August 20, 2022 08:59

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