The Ventrac all-terrain compact tractor works in sodden conditions

By Alistair March 13, 2024 09:15

Water management on turf surfaces is incredibly important to ensure healthy and playable sports pitches and golf courses. Sodden facilities equate to lost revenue and disgruntled players, so keeping your venue playable is a major priority.

And that’s where the versatile Ventrac all-terrain compact tractor and multiple attachments can help the beleaguered turf manager.

Most mowers and other turf maintenance equipment are too heavy to work in sodden conditions, but with Ventrac’s low ground pressure of just six psi, it can work on wet ground without leaving messy tyre marks.

With seven different mowing decks including numerous rotary options, two flails and a triple reel cylinder mower, the Ventrac is ideal for numerous turf maintenance tasks. However, by utilising the patented mount system the experienced operator can switch out to a different attachment in less than a minute and be climbing the slope of a reservoir bank to cut down annual growth.

Inserting drainage bands or laying pipes normally requires a contractor to come in, but for the Ventrac owner, that’s when the Trencher attachment comes into its own. With the ability to dig a 140 mm (5”) wide by 1 metre-deep trench, it’s ideal for helping with drainage issues.

Until his recent retirement Chris Brook was the group courses manager at The Club Company, which operates six Ventracs across its course portfolio. Commenting on his Ventracs he said,

“They are brilliant in wet conditions as their ground pressure is minimal and can get out onto the course when other equipment would seriously damage the surfaces.”

By Alistair March 13, 2024 09:15

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